UPS driver delivers 'Love Actually' style thank you to kind homeowner

UPS driver delivers 'Love Actually' style thank you to kind homeowner

The sweet moment a UPS driver delivered 'Love Actually' style thank you to a kind homeowner who left gifts and treats for him outside her home was caught on a doorbell cam.

Michele Rothstein, a speech pathologist for a local school district in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, shared a video featuring a poem recited by the UPS driver, which was captured on her Ring home camera.

Take a look at the touching footage below:

The 44-year-old homeowner posted the footage to Twitter on Wednesday after it was discovered by her daughter.

“My house. #kindnesscounts. Make someone @UPS smile with a sweet treat. Take care of those who do for you. Best @ring video we’ve had!” she tweeted alongside the video.

Credit: Twitter

In the video, the driver, whose name is not known, puts a box on Rothstein’s doorstep, where she normally sets down a box of water, cookies, candy, and pretzels for delivery drivers.

He then pulls out some pre-written flashcards. "These Christmas days as we drive," he reads out loud as he holds up each card to the camera. "Working more than 9-5. Legs are sore and oh, my feet,” he continues. “But your kindness shines with these little treats. Happy holidays from UPS."

Check out this Amazon delivery driver's reaction to a hamper full of treats:

Rothstein explained Yahoo Lifestyle that this was the second delivery the driver had made to her home that week. The first time, he took one of the snacks and said "Thank you" into the camera. "This time, he came prepared," she says.

A spokesperson from UPS told Yahoo Lifestyle:

"Our employees across the country are working hard to deliver the holidays, and these thoughtful snacks and treats from our customers are greatly appreciated. It’s like leaving milk and cookies for Santa and his elves on Christmas Eve, except it’s drivers (and helpers) in brown making deliveries."

"If you can make someone feel special, it’s worth it any day of the year," Rothstein added. "But especially during the holidays."