Wedding guest slammed over 'tacky' response to invitation

Wedding guest slammed over 'tacky' response to invitation

When you've been invited to a wedding, but you can't make it or don't want to, it's considered very prudent to choose your words carefully. Even if you happen to have a perfectly valid reason for declining, decorum dictates that you respond in the right way, and don't offend the happy couple by mouthing off or anything.

But there are always people out there who choose to forgo convention, and sometimes this can lead to some pretty cringe-worthy responses. Case in point, this week a wedding guest's reply to an invitation has gone viral on social media, after they responded to the RSBP in what some perceived to be a "tacky" way.

This video showing a groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time is the stuff of nightmares:

On the subreddit r/antiMLM, a Reddit-user going by the handle bethesda_glitch posted a picture of a response that their mother had received from someone way back in 1981, which has now being lambasted for being so inappropriate.

The Redditor captioned the post: "My mom was going through her old wedding mementos and found the response card from a relative. How tacky can you get?"

An image of the Reddit post Credit: Reddit/bethesda_glitch

The unknown guest wrote back: "If you're interested in feeling better through natural (nature packages, we distribute!) nutrition in 30 days money-back guarantee, let me know. I’ll ship you into or products postage free! Thanks for the invite!"

In the comments, many other Redditors agreed that the reply had been pretty awkward, and other people shared similar stories of things that had happened to them.

Take a look at the weird 'muppet' footage below: 

For instance, one person commented: "My cousin turned down my wedding invite because I didn’t want to join her Beach Body program to get in shape for the wedding after I told her I’m lazy and have a gym membership."

But this isn't the first time we've written about someone discovering something odd about a past wedding. A New Jersey couple who got married 25 years ago got a strange surprise when they watched their wedding video on their first anniversary and discovered an edit halfway through with the muppets.