Woman breaks up with cheating boyfriend with brutal speech at her birthday party

Woman breaks up with cheating boyfriend with brutal speech at her birthday party

Breaking up with somebody is never easy. Even if they think it's the right thing to do, it can still be incredibly upsetting to bring a relationship to an end, knowing that you are going to bring pain to someone you're close to.

Yet there are some situations where things are a little different. For instance, if your partner has done something to hurt you or disrupt your relationship in a significant way, you might care a little less about hurting their feelings in the process. When people have affairs or even cheat in a one-off incident, emotions can run pretty high, and plenty just want to make the cheater hurt as much as they currently are.

heartbreak break-up Credit: Pexels

Most of the time, this comes down to a private break-up, maybe some bitching to friends, a mean comment, or a full-on argument. It can get messy, but rarely do people actively try and make the end of their relationship a public spectacle.

However - Tiana did just this, making sure to stage her break-up where it would be the most embarrassing for her now ex-boyfriend.

The 22-year-old recently found out that her boyfriend, Santos, had been cheating on her, so she decided to exact some revenge. Not only did she decide to drop the bombshell that she was breaking up with him at her own birthday party, surrounded by their friends... but she made sure to get the entire incident filmed, so now the video is going viral.

Tiana had the the cringeworthy incident filmed by some of her friends, with the full, savage speech she delivered at her Texas home included - and now the video has been viewed over six million times on Twitter. Good luck getting another girlfriend in the near future, Santos.

First of all, she thanks her guests for coming to the party - including Santos. But what she's thanking him for is a little bit of a back-handed compliment. Turning to her boyfriend, she says:

"I'd like to thank Santos for making me realise I deserve so much better. Because every single person here knows you were trying to f**k with some girl.

"All of us have seen screenshots - you were sexting her and sending her videos. You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today. In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f**k out."

The speech ends with applause from the people gathered there, even if they look awkward as hell during it. She also makes sure to not let Santos' friend get away with scot-free. "Edgar, if you knew, screw you too," she adds.

Tiana posted the video to Twitter, where it set the internet ablaze. If there's one thing everyone could agree on, it was that this was awkward as hell.

Is breaking up with someone - even a cheater - in this way too far? Or did he deserve it?