Woman charged her ex £100 just to talk to her

Woman charged her ex £100 just to talk to her

Now that's what I call enterprising.

A woman has shared on Twitter that she charged an ex-boyfriend £100 just to talk to her. 19-year-old Toni Osborne took to the social media site to reveal that an ex, who she claims "cheated, abused and dumped ME over 3 years ago [sic]", tried to get back in contact with her, begging for a second chance. However, not being in a particularly forgiving mood, Toni refused to respond to his messages, telling him: "give me £100 then we will talk."

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This guy was apparently feeling VERY sorry for his misdeeds as he instantly asked Toni for her bank details, transferring £100 directly to her account.P

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Toni claims that she thinks this is "compensation" for the ordeal her ex put her through. Plus it's pretty hilarious. We don't know whether or not Toni decided to actually hear him out after his payment, but her post definitely garnered a lot of responses, as well as over 33,000 likes and 3,200 retweets. One user thought that Toni was a "genius", and said that she might consider using the same tactic on her "cheating husband".

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Another user thought that Toni should have asked for money, writing: "should of asked for more babe! [sic]"

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Toni appears to have inspired a lot of women going through a similar situation, with numerous users replying that they were planning on doing the same thing to their exes:

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Clearly, a lot of women relate to Toni's relationship issues and feel that they are also deserving of a little compensation. Whilst the majority of people agree that Toni's idea is brilliant, a handful of users said that no amount of money would get them to talk to their ex. One user wrote: "not worth £100", with her friend responding: "i’d rather be on streets and skint for rest of my life then ever go back there. thankyou next x [sic]."

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Another user said that it would take a lot more than £100 to get her to talk to her ex, asking for "no less than a million":

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No matter what anyone says, I think that Toni is an evil genius and that she should start upping the price with every message.