Woman gives creepy guys her male friend's phone number and he hilariously trolls them

Woman gives creepy guys her male friend's phone number and he hilariously trolls them

When it comes to dating, some guys have trouble taking no for an answer. I admit, in the past, I've gotten women's numbers and kept texting them, over and over again, despite getting no response. (Twenty texts in a row is too much, right?) Oh well. Rejection is like the sun; hard to face, and the longer you feel it, the more it hurts.

But dating isn't super fun from the woman's point of view either, is it? Every time girls go out, they get bombarded by dudes trying to get their number. And let's face it, some of them are pretty creepy. (I can't relate.) Sure, it's easy to block people these days, but where's the fun in that? A better solution might be to troll.

On Imgur, Ashontez shared photos from three hilarious pranks he played on creepy dudes, who kept bugging his female friend.

"I'm a dude, and one of my best friends keeps getting hit on by creepy dudes at the bar. She gave one dude her number to get him to go away and then just blocked it when he texted her. Well, dude didn't like that and started harassing her friends. (cops got involved, it wasn't pretty)  

"Since then I've told her to give out my number to guys she doesn't want to talk to, if they press the issue after she says "no." I gotta say, its so much fun seeing how pissed off they get when they realize they've been duped and have been "sexting" a dude the entire time. I'll post screenshots of some of the messages later, you can't make some of this shit up."

In less than a day, Ashontez's posts have received over 200,000 views. Enjoy! (And beware.)

Victim #1: Bathroom Brad

He waited thirty minutes for her.

Victim #2 - D*ckpic Derick

He's a bit of a hypocrite.

Victim #3 - Cannibal Chris

He's a picky eater.

Thanks to Ashtontez for sharing his brilliant work. As long creepy dudes keep harassing women, women (and their friends) will hilariously troll them.