Woman goes on road trip with her Uber driver after her plans get cancelled

Woman goes on road trip with her Uber driver after her plans get cancelled

Many of us will have been fortunate enough to have shared the company of an Uber driver who we instantly hit it off with. They might have endlessly entertaining stories to tell, give you free rein over the radio, and/or allow you to sneak an extra passenger in their UberXL free of charge.

In short, these kinds of Uber drivers are absolute legends and deserve all the good karma they can get. And if good karma means getting an epic road trip out of an ordinary ride, then so be it.

Here's a glimpse of the epic road trip:

Well, that's exactly what happened when an Uber driver was invited to spend the day with a female passenger whose plans had just been canceled. The passenger in question, Katlyn Gardenhire, from Arkansas, found herself alone in Denver, Colorado, after her boyfriend’s flight was unexpectedly canceled.

However, she was determined not to get too bent out of shape about the situation and ordered an Uber to Red Rocks Trail for a spot of hiking.

But what Katlyn initially thought would be a simple ride turned into the start of an unlikely friendship.

She got into the front seat of the Uber and engaged in conversation with her Uber driver Robert.

Robert told Katlyn about his time in the Air Force and his life as a retired postal worker. And the conversation continued to flow - so much so that when the ride was over, Katlyn wanted to keep the conversation going so she invited him to go hiking with her.

And of course, he said yes to the unusual request from an Uber passenger, no less.

Not only did they go hiking, but they went for coffee and even went ice skating - taking plenty of selfies along the way.

Katlyn has since taken to Facebook to share her incredible experience.

"I could've easily just gotten in the back of Robert's car, ignored him and played on my phone but I decided to be kind," she wrote. "I engaged in conversation, asked questions, and got to know someone. Bottom line, you never know who could use your kindness. Be kind, be present, be positive, make a difference."

Let's hope these two will stay friends for a long time to come!