Woman uses phone-tracking app to find her boyfriend cheating on her with his cousin

Woman uses phone-tracking app to find her boyfriend cheating on her with his cousin

A man has been caught cheating on his girlfriend with his own cousin after she used a phone-tracking application to monitor his movements.

Stan Stockton-Price, an offshore worker, had paired up his phone with his girlfriend Milli Hansen's so that she could know where he was when he was out at sea. However, a lapse of concentration on his part meant that he forgot to deactivate the app when he returned home, exposing his secret liaison with his cousin Jess Gifford.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, 20-year-old Milli spoke about her shock at the discovery.

She said: "I'll never trust a man again after what he did. I was so shocked - no one ever expects to see that."

The shop assistant said that she had agreed to look after Stan's younger sister so that he and his mother could attend a family get together. However, she became concerned after his mother messaged her to say that Stan hadn't turned up to the gathering.

Remembering that he had tracking on his phone, Milli followed it to Stan's aunt's house and found him in the act with his cousin Jess.

She said; "I looked through the window and all I could see was stands clothes strewn all over the floor.

"Then I caught the sight of Jess topless - with Stan beneath her.

"Their faces were a picture when I showed up at the door but I felt sick."

Stan and Milli had been together for two years, with the couple having met each other at a party through mutual friends. They quickly became inseparable and Stan set up the tracking app so Milli knew he was safe while working at sea.

One the day of the family party, Stan had initially decided to stay at home with Milli so that they could babysit together while the rest of the family partied the day away. However, as the day progressed, Milli claims that Stan "looked like he really wanted to go" and ended up leaving for the party.

Milli was baffled as to why Stan would leave wearing a t-shirt and jeans when everyone else had dressed up for the occasion, and text him to no response. Getting suspicious, she then texted Sam's mom, who replied by saying that she thought he was babysitting.

After seeing that he was at his aunt's, Milli assumed he was picking up party supplies. However, the location didn't change and when she went to knock on the door of the house, Jess answered wearing a dressing gown with Stan looking guilty behind her. Milli added: "After all this, I really don't think I could put my trust to any guy again."

Despite having an affair with his cousin, Stan didn't seem too upset by the ordeal, saying: "Of course I feel bad, but I can't change what's gone on.

"One thing led to another and things just escalated."

Jess added: "Natural feeling came over both Stanley and I and we simply acted upon them."

Getting cheated on is bad enough, but when it's their cousin that they're having an affair with, it becomes a whole lot worse.