Woman wearing nothing but body paint does yoga outside and no one notices

Woman wearing nothing but body paint does yoga outside and no one notices

Body paint artist Jen Seidel is back with another social experiment. Previously, she painted clothes on a model for a Tinder date, and the guy didn't realize she was nearly naked until she told him. Then she painted clothes on a model, and they walked around the mall, getting some priceless reactions from shoppers and clerks. The body paint clothing fooled a lot of people, but once they got close enough they realized something was up.

For her latest experiment, Jen and her daughter painted their model, Ali, in a sportswear ensemble: blue leggings and a matching sports bra. The intricate design even includes thin laces crisscrossing up and down the legs. Technically, Ali isn't totally nude, since she's wearing a flesh-colored thong and pasties. But she's as close to naked as you can get in public without being arrested for indecent exposure.

After the application was complete, the group headed out to the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. Ali set down a yoga mat and struck a few poses. Would the people passing by realize that the model contorting her body was almost completely naked?

As Ali showed off her flexibility, most passerby minded their own business, and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Finally, Jen started directly asking people, "What do you see different about her?" Once they took another look, they did a double-take and cracked up laughing. "Oh my God. What the hell?" exclaimed one guy. "I thought it was an outfit!" "Oh my God, I'm so dumb," reflected a young a woman. "It's paint." "What gave it away?" the camera operator asked a middle-aged couple. "The butt," replied the man, as the woman with him laughed.

Like the previous two social experiments, nobody was offended by the spectacle of a nearly naked model in public. All of the passerby who noticed the body paint, were surprised, but amused. One lady was even curious about trying a faux outfit herself. "Can you do me?" she asked. "We can do anybody," replied Jen. "That's a lot of body to paint," joked the lady referring to her tall figure.

If you go to Jen The Body Painter's YouTube channel, you can watch a video of the yoga prank, as well as her previous experiments So far there's a clear pattern of people not noticing that the clothes are paint, until they get up close. Maybe that's because the artists do such a excellent job painting faux apparel. Or maybe that's because when we go out in public, we tend to be oblivious, with our eyes glued to our phones or our heads in the clouds, not paying any attention to the world around us. Next time you're outside, take a closer look at people - they might just be wearing paint.