Sister makes disgusting discovery after moving in to sibling's old bedroom

Sister makes disgusting discovery after moving in to sibling's old bedroom

A TikTok user has recently shared with her followers that after moving into her sister's old bedroom, she discovered bottles upon bottles of urine stashed away in a corner of the room.

Colleen Cameron had been doing a deep clean of the basement bedroom, which she took over from her sister who had taken over her room when she left for college.

It was during the cleaning process, which she said took a staggering four hours, that she made the unpleasant discovery.

The post, which currently has 1.3 million likes and 18.3k comments at the time of writing was captioned: "[Why] so many pee bottles [though]? [This] was GROSS."

In the video, Colleen can be seen diligently cleaning when she comes across the urine bottles.

She explains as part of several annotations in the video: "When I left for college my sister took over my bedroom and left me with her gross one in the basement. So here I am cleaning it and turning it into mine!"

Meet the woman who drinks her own urine:

Moments into the timelapse cleaning video, Colleen writes, alongside the throwing up emoji, that she "found so many pee bottles".

"And more pee bottles," she writes before adding, "So many more pee bottles".

Colleen elaborated on the discovery in the comments section, telling commenters that although the bottles were in her sister's room, they were not hers but her boyfriend's. He was "too lazy to go upstairs to [the] bathroom," she added.

Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok

One TikTok user named Emily wrote: "Can we talk about the color of the pee... does her boyfriend literally only eat Doritos and mountain dew? He should be humiliated."

Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok

Yet another user was concerned about the color of the urine in the bottles, writing: "Whoever's pee bottles are those needs to drink more water because it be orange [sic]."

Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok

A TikTok user with the handle Meh, asked: "Did your parents know it was this bad? [Because] if they did and didn't do anything about it, I'm concerned."

Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok

A different person speculated: "Was someone kidnapped down there?! Why did the previous person not use the bathroom?"

Credit: Colleen Cameron / TikTok