Taco Bell had the best response to this nine-year-old's handwritten letter asking them to deliver

Taco Bell had the best response to this nine-year-old's handwritten letter asking them to deliver

Kids these days may have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and any and all email clients, but if you ask me, there's nothing that beats a good old handwritten letter.

Eschewing all that technological mumbo jumbo, you've got the chance to take out a bit of physical paper, with your hand cramping and filling up with paper cuts, your entire hand covered in ink as you struggle to make out your own chicken scratch. Okay, who am I kidding? Writing things by hand sucks.

But if you want a nice, personal way to send something heartfelt to somebody special, then there's nothing more touching than a handwritten letter. This nine-year-old's got the right idea, after she penned a heartfelt letter to the most important thing in many people's lives, including mine: Taco Bell.

Even better, Taco Bell were more than gracious to this little girl, giving her the best gift of all in return. Let's dive in.

We've all been there, folks; you're a young kid who just got out of school, and all you want right now is some food. But rather than grilled chicken or veggies, all you want is a burger, some pizza or a helping of french fries. No matter how much you want it, though, Mom says no, because the last thing she wants after a long day is to drive to a fast food joint.

What's a nine-year-old to do in that situation? If it were me, I'd probably cry and whine for about 45 minutes, before realising I was fighting a losing battle, and go and play for a while, settling for whatever my parents had on the dinner table. But I am not Kinsley James, who had a much smarter response than I did when she was denied Taco Bell.

Fresh from a persuasive writing class at school, Kinsley wrote an impassioned letter to Taco Bell, asking if they could deliver, pretty please, listing a whole host of reasons why they should introduce home delivery to their repertoire. It's the kind of adorable food-related story that we love here at Food Envy, but on this occasion, there was a pretty amazing response from the food company this time.

This Facebook post from Kinsley's mom gave us a hint of what was to come. "So remember Kinsley’s persuasive essay to Taco Bell last week about implementing a delivery service?!" Cindy Prevo teased on Facebook, saying that she'd sent the letter to Taco Bell corporate, and that they'd actually responded.

The response from corporate also revealed that the letter had convinced Taco Bell to introduce delivery options in the near future. "They told her how proud of her they all were and she was amazingly innovative! And they are so excited to talk to her again soon!" Cindy added.

Wait, again?! That's right, folks: days later, Cindy posted a video, and it's pretty amazing for young Kinsley James.

That's pretty amazing, right? Thanks to her epic letter-writing skills, Kinsley was invited to read her letter in front of 400 franchise owners at the Taco Bell company convention later this month in Las Vegas. "I am a little nervous," Kinsley admitted, "you're going on a stage in front of a lot of people."

But if this third-grader shows anything like the smarts and talent that she's capable of, then I'm sure she's going to do great.