Tattoo model slams 'jealous lowlifes' after Instagram deletes her profile for breaching guidelines

Tattoo model slams 'jealous lowlifes' after Instagram deletes her profile for breaching guidelines

The popular Australian tattoo model Amber Luke has lashed out at "jealous lowlifes" after her Instagram account was deleted for violating "the community guidelines".

Luke - who also goes by the name Blue Eyed White Dragon - has famously spent over $25,000 on tattoos and modifications. Her inkings can be found all over her body - from her legs to her torso to her bum to her face. Luke also says she went blind her several weeks after having her eyeballs tattooed blue.

Currently, Luke has over 200 tattoos, a split in her tongue, and stretched earlobes, and she would often document her inkings on Instagram, and flaunt her artwork in a series of raunchy snaps.

Her revealing pictures and videos became so popular, that Luke was able to amass a huge 218,000 followers - a huge following that opened up business opportunities such a brand deals.

Amber Luke explains why she loves tattoos so much:

But after six years of audience building, sexy pics, and documenting her journey, Luke's hard work has been erased, as Instagram removed her profile in December for breaching the community guidelines.

Amber told Daily Star Online: “I had 218,000 followers when my account got removed…

"It took me about six years to grow my Instagram account. It took a lot of effort to build what I had made.

"Instagram removed my account because I ‘violated the community guidelines’ – which in fact I did not.

"It felt absolutely devastating to see six years' worth of journaling and tattooing gone.

"I feel almost as though a part of my life has been taken away – business opportunities and being able to have such a positive influence on so many people."

Fortunately, Amber was prepared for a situation just like this one, and was forward-thinking enough to create a back-u account several months ago. In a short space of time, the influencer has managed to garner 37,500 followers on her second page.

And she’s posted up a message to the “jealous” people who could have been behind her account getting taken down.

Amber addressed the situation, writing: "Shoutout to the jealous lowlifes who have nothing better to do than destroy something someone has spent years building lol.

"You’re so pathetic - but guess what motherf***er I ain’t going anywhere."

Speaking to the Daily Star, Luke has vowed to get back to where she was before: "It’s going to take me a while to rebuild what I had, but I’ll hopefully receive the same love and support I had before."

Tattoos are growing in popularity. As social acceptance grows, more and more people recognize the positives behind tattoos and don't just see them as something sailors or prisoners have. In fact, a 2016 US poll found that 29% of people had a tattoo, up from 21% four years prior.