Texas man arrested after trying to sell $25,000 worth of stolen tequila on social media

Texas man arrested after trying to sell $25,000 worth of stolen tequila on social media

I don't know about you, but money worries take up at least 25 percent of my daily time. Rent, bills, holidays and days out; all things you have to consider in your monthly budget, and all things which cause me endless stress. Working nine till five, paycheck to paycheck is one thing, but what wouldn't you give for a little cash injection?

Careful budgeting, packing your own lunches and shopping at the right places are all great, but there's no smart way to get a sudden injection of cash without taking a second job. Note: there are ways to get a sudden injection of cash, but folks, none of 'em are smart.

For example, let's talk a bit about this criminal mastermind out in Dallas, Texas, who managed to score himself a whole load of tequila - $25,000 worth, in fact. Over 1,000 bottles of Patrón were reported to police back in September as missing, after a cargo trailer's cargo was lighter than expected.

Laredo Police Department scratched their heads. Enlisted their best detectives to take the case, determined to find this alcohol thief. But it turns out, all of those man hours weren't too necessary, as the culprit was right there under their noses the entire time.

At some point during the investigation, one of the detectives might have taken a little break, and logged onto Facebook to see his friend's baby pictures or something like that. Imagine their surprise when their scrolling through the newsfeed turned out to be the key to cracking the case the entire time.

"On October 04, 2018, after several weeks of diligent work and continued efforts by the Laredo Police Department's Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) to solve the recurring Cargo Theft, surveillance was set up after a male subject began advertising large quantities of Tequila Patron for sale on social media pages."

The Laredo Police Department posted on their Facebook page once the case was cracked, two weeks after opening the investigation. Meaning: this criminal mastermind tried to sell $25,000 worth of stolen tequila on Facebook, and didn't think anybody would notice. Unsurprisingly, this didn't quite turn out as planned.

Between two separate apartments, police found 29 cases of Roca Silver worth $11,310, 17 cases of Gran Patrón worth $8,619 and nine cases of mini Patrón tequila bottles worth $4,860, not to mention a 357-caliber revolver.

The man who owned this revolver, Manuel Alejandro Martinez Fernandez, admitted to being an undocumented immigrant, and so was arrested under the felony of unlawful possession of a firearm by an undocumented immigrant. Two other suspects have also been interviewed.

Well there you go, folks: crime doesn't pay. Ever. As of yet, no charges have been filed, but considering the side of the theft, it probably won't be too long before that happens. And I don't know what the protocol is, but if the suspect in question is in need of a lawyer, maybe they'll learn their lesson, and steer clear of logging into Facebook to find one.

We hope.