The 'chin shelf' is the hot new Instagram pose that everyone's doing

The 'chin shelf' is the hot new Instagram pose that everyone's doing

We all know that Instagram isn't really real-life. It's pretty common for influencers and bloggers to present a stylised version of reality. Indeed, they can sometimes strike poses that you would never expect to see from anyone in everyday life.

Over the years, this had led to some pretty weird trends that people adopt through imitation. For instance, think about how many attractive Instagram models you see pretending to bite their thumb? Dozens! Hundreds!

But now a new Instagram trend is taking the social media platform by force. Yes, it's apparently called the 'Chin Shelf', and it involves you resting your chin on your hands, or placing your hands to your chin, as if you were leaning it on some kind of shelf in mid-air. A number of celebrities have already made this picture-friendly pose their signature, as you can see from some of the images above.

Check out this video of a Meghan Markle chatting to her favourite Instagrammer:

However, now it seems as though members of the general public have picked up on this new photogenic pose, and now dozens of examples have ended up on Instagram, with people using the hashtag '#chinshelf' to express their appreciation. You can check out some of the best examples by scrolling down to see the images below:

However, this isn't the first time we've covered an Instagram trend. Back in February, it seemed as though everyone who happened to have a camera on them was taking to nearby spas and taking so-called 'sauna selfies' to extoll the benefits of clean and healthy living.

Then, after that, everyone hopped on a different bandwagon and started giving themselves 'temporary nose jobs' - in which beauticians were apparently sculpting their faces, making elaborate fake noses with special effects wax, and then removing them in front of the camera.