The 'sauna selfie' is the hottest new Instagram trend

The 'sauna selfie' is the hottest new Instagram trend

More often than not, Instagram trends can be pointless, savage or just downright weird. However, the most recent craze to hit the photo-sharing platform is one that will make you look incredible and rest your mind and body. Allow us to introduce you to the 'Sauna Selfie'.

Over the last few months, Instagram influencers have been flocking to post pictures from their steam baths - and they ain't doing it for nothing! The health benefits of saunas include the reduction of stress levels, weight loss, the release of toxins through sweat, healthier skin, a strengthened immune system and relief from sore muscles. So, are you ready to feel healthier, happier, and look damn good doing it?

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Credit: Instagram/Ashley Graham

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence Credit: Instagram/Iskra Lawrence

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley Credit: Instagram/Liz Hurley

Rita Ora

Rita Ora Credit: Instagram/Rita Ora

Rita Ora Credit: Instagram/Rita Ora

Sara Tarnanen

Sara Tarnanen Credit: Instagram/Sara Tarnanen

Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland Credit: Instagram/Olivia Buckland

Melina Hampp

Melina Hampp Credit: Instagram/Melina Hampp

Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam 

Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam Credit: Instagram/Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam

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