Theme park accused of sexism after banning 'cheeky' bikini bottoms

Theme park accused of sexism after banning 'cheeky' bikini bottoms

A water park in Australia has been criticised for being "sexist" after implementing a dress code which prohibits women from wearing "cheeky" bikini bottoms. Despite the backlash, the park has stood by its decision, alleging that the decision was not "gender-specific".

Adventure World, in Perth, describes itself as a 'family-friendly park", and recently took to Facebook to share an infographic informing guests that revealing bikini bottoms are now banned. The image shows two full coverage options, which the park deemed "appropriate", and two others - a high-cut swimsuit and a thong bottom - which are now no longer allowed.

The flyer was captioned "Don't be too cheeky".

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The post incited quite the furore on social media, with many deeming it to be sexist and discriminatory. "And this is why sexism still exists," commented one social media user, while another sarcastically wrote "Those men better cover their nipples too. Won’t somebody think of the children!?"

This woman spoke out after she was kicked out of her local pool due to an "inappropriate" one-piece:

"Bum cheeks will scar your kids? Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen," a third wrote, and another added "Thanks for policing women’s bodies Adventure World. Now where’s the men’s version?"

Some, however, praised the park for allegedly upholding family values. "Glad to see something still standing for modesty and appropriateness," one social media user wrote.

A second chimed in, "I support this Adventure World - Official Page!! People have no manners these days. Cover up and have some respect for yourselves and consideration for the other people who are also enjoying the park."

"Well done Adventure World!! I think this is a great move!!" wrote a third.

Adventure World have since released a statement to, addressing the contentious move: "Let’s not confuse the issue. This update is about dress standards and dress standards only. It is not gender-specific," asserted the venue. "Adventure World is a family-friendly theme park. We keep informed of industry trends and whilst this was not a decision taken lightly, it is in line with other parks nationwide."

But I think we can all agree that there are worse things to find in your swimming pool, like a near 10 foot alligator: