Dashcam footage shows hit-and-run driver get served with instant karma

Dashcam footage shows hit-and-run driver get served with instant karma

In this day and age, it is surprising that everyone isn't driving around with a dashcam installed in their car. According to Statista, there are more motor vehicles registered in the US than ever before - and with more cars on the road, that means more collisions are inevitable.

However, despite the law stating that the drivers of the vehicles should exchange insurance details following a crash, not everybody is that trustworthy.

But as the following video proves, not only can dashcams help protect you in the event of a collision, but they can also capture some amazing instances of karma.

Check out the video below to watch one driver get served with a very satisfying dose of karma:

Whilst driving in Austin, Texas, a driver of a 2017 Camaro SS - which he claims to be worth $50,000 - is hit by a white car. Although, instead of pulling over, apologizing, and providing her insurance details, the female driver decides to drive away at speed. But fortunately, the karma gods were watch, and she doesn't get very far.

Speaking to ViralHog, the driver of the red Camaro SS recalled the incident:

"I was driving to work and I was on the right lane allowing me to go straight or left. Someone sideswiped me trying to go straight from the left only turn lane. She took off and it took me a second to analyze what had happened.

"I have a 2017 Camaro SS with 470hp. I pursued her and took caution to stay a bit back in case she hydroplaned. At the second turn, trying to take the turn too fast, she went down through a fence. She attempted to get out of the ditch, but she got stuck. I got out of my vehicle and started recording with my mobile phone."

After confronting the woman and threatening her with legal action, she plays dumb and denies the collision ever taking place - despite the costly-looking damage in the side of the man's Camaro.

Perhaps the most confusing part of the video comes at the very end, when the woman - banged to rights and with her car in a ditch - decided to avoid by literally running away.