German theme park forced to close new ride because it looks like flying swastikas

German theme park forced to close new ride because it looks like flying swastikas

Do you ever look at something - a product or TV commercial - and just think, "Who gave this the green light?!" Well, guests at one theme park in Germany were doing just that when they looked up and saw that one of the park's new rides looks just like two "flying swastikas".

Per The Sun, guests visiting the Tatzmania theme park in Löffingen reported the ride to officials after realizing its resemblance to the geometrical figure, which was famously used as an emblem for Nazi Germany.

Watch the video below to see the ride in action. Would you have spotted this glaring error?

The ride, which debuted at the park at the end of July, features one long arm with two spinning carriages at either end. Each carriage arm has four seats, which, when the ride is in actions, undeniably resembles a swastika as it rotates.

The ride has recently gained a lot of attention after a video was posted on Reddit by the user 'Ingenieurskunst'. Since going live, many people have commented their reaction to the ride, many of whom are in disbelief that the attraction even exists.

One Redditor wrote: "You really do not have the words. Something like that would have to be banned."

The Sun reports that Rüdiger Braun, the owner of the park, spoke with local news outlet SWR, about the controversial ride, and said he didn't realize the resemblance to the Nazi emblem. He also offered his apologies to anybody who has been offended: "I'd like to stress how sorry we are to anyone who has felt at all insulted by this design."

Braun also said that the ride will be closed and redesigned to make it more appropriate.

A guest at the park added: "Of course you have to watch what you make, this is a very sensitive area."

In Germany, symbols and propaganda material relating to Nazi Germany are illegal. The German Criminal Code section 86a states that the "use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations" is banned, with punishments up to three years in prison.