Watch the exact moment that this little boy realizes meat comes from animals for the first time

Watch the exact moment that this little boy realizes meat comes from animals for the first time

We all know a person who's seen the McDonald's "how they make chicken nuggets" video and sworn off the Golden Arches for life. Many of us are now open to the idea that big companies may be doing things to your food you may not necessarily be happy with, and more and more videos keep appearing to suggest that is the case.

Even if McDonald's swear they don't do this anymore, there are plenty of other institutions that have questionable practices for the handling of food. Even if you take away the ethics debate, the treatment and killing of animals for our own gain has long been debated, and arguments for and against some would say are equally valid.

As the saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs - or in this case, you can't make a burger without killing a cow. Upon realising this, one boy could not handle. An adorable video shows the moment a five-year-old boy realises that animals are turned into meat - and instantly turns vegetarian.

This is Zayn Oukaci, in the video, he is chatting to his mum, Christine Bell, about his favourite food: green beans. He then started listing his other favourite foods: chicken, bacon, and lamb.

When he starts talking about lamb, he says accurately points out "lambs are kebab" his mum starts laughing. We then hear him talk through the process of baby lambs which he adores, being turned into meat. He saddens as he explains that "little cute baby lambs" are being "killed" with "big, massive knives." "They're dead, they're cooked, and eaten."

In what I can only assume is a form of tough-love parenting I am not familiar with, Christine drives the point home by adding: "In a kebab, with salad." This sends poor Zayn over the edge.

He wails: "I don't want to eat lambs, they're cute." His mum asks what he wants to eat instead, and he quickly replies "green beans."

Talking to the Daily Mail, Christine says: "I was sitting with Zayn and we were just chatting and he started talking about green beans. He loves green beans and says they make him like the hulk and he thinks everyone should eat them."

The video was filmed last Wednesday, and ever since Zayn has refused to eat the meals his mother makes which contain meat. "He got upset about lambs saying we shouldn’t eat them. One day I went to give him beef and he refused to eat it because it was cow. If I give him meat now he says 'no'. I suppose he’s turning vegetarian."

Christine lives in Milton Keynes with Zayn and his two other siblings; Harry Eastwood, 18, and Emelia Oukaci, 13. Little Zayn, we salute you for your anti-animal cruelty stance at such a young age. To turn down meat at such a young age is something very few can do.