Woman's real-life tattoo nightmare will make you think twice about messing with your eyebrows

Woman's real-life tattoo nightmare will make you think twice about messing with your eyebrows

Tattoos and body-modification are a huge businesses right now. Whether it's simply having your ear pierced, getting a small bit of ink, or undergoing copious amounts of cosmetic surgery, we are all obsessed with modifying our bodies. While the majority of these procedures end up being successful in giving the recipient a new-found body confidence, they can also go horribly wrong.

With the rise in popularity in the likes of tattoos and piercings, we are seeing more and more horror stories. Such is the frequency of these botched jobs, there are now TV shows devoted to these permanent mishaps, with the victims being named and shamed on our screens before having their mistakes covered up. And one person who you can expect to see on such a program is Kanyarat Chaichan.

Chaichan, 26, was left with thick, black, strangely shaped eyebrows after she underwent a procedure getting them permanently tattooed by a highly inexperienced tattoo artist.

Inspired by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne, Chaichan jumped on full brow trend and invested in getting her naturally light eyebrows darkened.

But, as you can see by the results, things went a little bit wrong.

Due to the fact that she couldn't afford to get her new eyebrows removed, Chaichan was forced to accept her new 1cm eyebrows and their slug-like nature.

But, out of nowhere, her luck changed.

Upon hearing about her unlucky procedure, a beauty therapist by the name of Vilailak Nan Sundantom heard about the woman's troubles and decided to give her a free course of corrective treatment in order to fade the brow tattoos and give them a more flattering shape.

Using a combination of laser hair removal alongside microblading in order to fade and shape the dodgy eyebrows, Sundantom was able to give Chaichan a much more realistic brow.

While she still has to wait six months before she can see the final results, Chaichan says that she is already much happier about her appearance after the corrective treatment.

"I’m very pleased with the results and grateful for the treatment," says Kanyarat;

"I feel much better now, and I think I look a lot more beautiful.

"I thought I would be stuck with the big eyebrows for the rest of my life.

"Now I’m just being patient and waiting for them to get better."

Sundantom said that she hopes by sharing her work, she'll show that people need to research the best person do the job and won't take getting tattoos lightly.

"There are many places to study to learn how to do tattoo eyebrows," she explains.

"It’s not something that people should play around with.

"I could really sympathise with Kanyarat because nobody wants to have eyebrows like that for the rest of their lives.

"It was a mistake and this was a very extreme case. I will do my best to help but it will take between three and six months to see the results."

Chaichan's story should serve as a warning to anyone considering getting a tattoo. While they can look amazing, they can also go wrong and, most importantly, they are permanent. If you're thinking about getting some ink, do your research and make sure the artist you are putting your trust in is experienced.