You can now buy a beautiful shimmery snow fairy gin

You can now buy a beautiful shimmery snow fairy gin

Well, it's official, it's time to start thinking about Christmas.

I don't know if you've noticed, but already the festive adverts have kicked into gear on TV, and brands have been announcing holiday-themed products for a good solid month now.

So really, do we have any choice but to fall into line and clap along to the Christmas countdown?

My one bugbear with the ridiculously early start to the build up to the holiday season is that my excitement usually peaks a good week before Christmas day itself.

Credit: Aldi

I've had the 24/7 Christmas songs radio station on for nearly two months straight, I've bought myself a lovely bottle of candy cane gin liqueur and placed my order for a two-metre long pig in blanket.

Oh, and let's not forget that I've written about practically every festive special limited edition product under the winter sun.

So if you're sitting there planning your festive drinking and snacking as meticulously as I am, your Christmas eve is probably looking something like this at the moment:

Wake up, quick pig in blanket, almond croissant, wrap some presents while drinking candy cane gin liqueur, have a grinch-inspired green cookie, and hang up the buddy-the-elf Christmas wreath.

Credit: Home Bargains

But if all of that holiday-themed excitement still isn't enough for you then fear not, because I'm bringing you yet more news of festive fare.

That's right, I'm here to tell you about a shimmery 'snow fairy' gin you can buy in time for Christmas from Home Bargains.

The limited edition tipple from Manchester Drinks shimmers when you shake it, stir it and pour it into a glass, for that added touch of pizzaz and theatre to your Christmas cocktail making.

It's a gin liqueur which is 18% ABV, comprising notes of orange, cinnamon and spice. The bottle is just £8 for 50cl and will be available in Hoe Bargains stores across the United Kingdom from Monday November 4.