Zoo will name a rat after your ex and feed it to a snake on Valentine's Day

Zoo will name a rat after your ex and feed it to a snake on Valentine's Day

For some, Valentine's Day can be an unwelcome reminder of their singledom. When stores suddenly fill with roses, chocolates, and cards, and they have no one to go home to but Netflix and, if they're lucky, a pizza.

However, one zoo is now offering to take the edge off of the pain the holiday causes for bitter singles by offering them the chance to name a rat or cockroach after their ex, and have it fed to a snake on the big day. It really is poetry in motion.

This is the horrifying moment a cockroach was removed from a woman's ear: 

The zoo in question is San Antonio Zoo. They made the exciting opportunity known in a Facebook post which read: "This Valentine's Day, we are hosting the first-ever 'Cry Me a Cockroach' event. You can name a live cockroach, and we'll serve it up as a snack to one of our animals. If your ex was a snake, you could even name a rat, and we'll feed it to a reptile!"

It costs $5 to have a cockroach named after your ex, but if you really, really hate them and want to see them get slowly devoured in rat form, that will set you back $25 (it's still a bargain in our opinion!).

At this point, it's worth noting that even if you're not in the vicinity of San Antonio Zoo, you can still see your ex's animal namesake get eaten on Valentine's Day as the event is being live-streamed.

Two snakes. Credit: Pexels

If this sounds like the only thing you need this Valentine's Day, then you can name a rat after your ex here.

However, don't worry if this isn't up your street either. There are a lot more pleasant Valentine's activities on offer this February too, like this restaurant which is holding a singles event for lonely dogs. Pawfect!