Jonah Hill has only ever 'liked' one tweet and it's absolute perfection

Jonah Hill has only ever 'liked' one tweet and it's absolute perfection

Jonah Hill is one of those actors who has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and it's safe to say that his career is well and truly secure. A two-time Academy Award-nominated actor in film and TV, Hill first made his debut in the movie I Heart Huckabees, before going on to star in the teen comedy movie and cult classic Superbad, opposite Michael Cera.

For a while, he was typecast as a comedy actor, but after the release of Martin Scorsese's white collar crime movie Wolf of Wall Street, he's gone from strength to strength - most recently reuniting with his old Superbad costar Emma Stone for the Netflix series Maniac. Now he's preparing for his directorial debut Mid90s (which he also wrote the screenplay for), a coming-of-age drama about skaters.

However, unlike many other celebs, Hill's social media pages are relatively quiet. He doesn't often post on Twitter or Instagram, and isn't keen on over-sharing when it comes to his personal life. For example, it turns out for the whole time he's had Twitter, he's only ever liked one tweet. Yet it's one that's actually pretty heartwarming.

On September 21, 2018, Kyle Buchanan, a journalist who works for The New York Times, shared a tweet about Emma Stone, writing: "Emma Stone is such a robust, emotionally generous actor and the men she's so often cast opposite... aren't."

An eagle-eyed fan noticed that Hill had liked the tweet, and shared a screenshot to prove it, writing: "What does it mean that @JonahHill (a man that she has been cast opposite to) likes this. JONAH, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? [sic]"

Indeed, the fact that this is the only tweet Hill has ever liked seems to make this mystery even more compelling. One fan hypothesised: "It probably means that Jonah Hill agrees with what Kyle Buchanan has said about Emma Stone and not so much about the other half of the tweet."

Awww. Wouldn't that be cute?

Commenting on his new feature in a recent interview, Hill stated: "I’ve been a cinephile my whole life. That’s what’s brought me joy. You know, first it was skateboarding and then it was film. If you look at anyone who’s, like, a hero of mine, like Mike Nichols or Barry Levinson, their first films were films from a very personal, emotional place. That’s why I made Mid90s."

He was also very complimentary of his cast's performance, most of whom are pro skateboarders who lack prior acting experience.

"What's cool about all these kids is that they weren't actors, but they now are very serious actors," he said. "They wanted to become these people that they're not, and watching them put in the hard work to do that has been, like, the single most moving experience of my life. I've never had to carry a movie like that. I usually play supporting roles."

Man, I really hope it's a smash hit.