Proof Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Chris Pratt fangirl years before he proposed to his daughter

Proof Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Chris Pratt fangirl years before he proposed to his daughter

Getting married to someone is always going to be a bit of a daunting prospect; not the least of which because of the bride's father-in-law. If you're a dad then you'll understand how important it is to be protective of your girl, and how it can sometimes be hard to trust another man to love and care for her the way she deserves. Bearing that in mind, it's easy to see why loads of newly-engaged men end up bricking it over the prospect of upsetting their father in law.

You can imagine how much more worrying it must be to try and marry the daughter of legendary strongman and action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. I mean, he's swole as hell and would probably rip you in two if he was ever suspicious of your intentions. I mean, this is the guy who took shrugged off five shotgun shells to the face in Terminator, and who personally mud wrestled a giant alien game hunter in Predator, so Chris Pratt must have brass balls to ask his daughter Katherine to marry him.

However, it seems as though Chris should rest easy after all. It turns out that Arnold was a big fan of his from way before he ever proposed to Katherine. Back in June 2015, Schwarzenegger posted a tweet in which gushed over Pratt while posting a picture of the autograph wall from the set of The Late Late Show With James Corden. Pratt's autograph is next to Arnold's and Pratt had scrawled: Right next to FRIGGIN’ Arnold!" with an arrow pointed at Schwarzenegger's signature. Schwarzenegger retweeted the picture, and wrote: "I'm right next to friggin' CHRIS PRATT." So there you go: Arnold was just as starstruck as Chris was!

Chris Pratt and his ex-spouse Anna Faris separated back in August 2017 and finalized their divorce in October 2018. How has Anna taken the news of Chris' engagement? Well, all things considered, she's dealt with it really well. On a recent episode of her official podcast, Faris discussed how Chris had broken the news to her, stating: "Chris texted me this morning and he was like, 'I proposed to Katherine last night,'" Faris, 42, shared. "And I was like, 'Ah, that's amazing.' I texted him back like, 'I just wanted to remind you I'm an ordained minister.' I'm so happy for them. I knew that it was going to happen, and I love her and I love him and I'm just so happy that they found each other."

She added that's she's still very close to her ex-husband, stating: "Chris and I work really hard ‘cause we have Jack, that is sort of the long game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy. We have sort of the luxury of circumstance. You know, we are both in other loving relationships … But it’s like, how do you not in general sink into a place of bitterness?"

Congratulations to Chris and Katherine; we're sure they'll make a lovely husband and wife!