Man left fuming after delivery driver throws package onto roof before Christmas

Man left fuming after delivery driver throws package onto roof before Christmas

An Australian man has taken to social media to complain after a courier company delivered his package onto his roof.

Yes, you're probably thinking the same thing has me: this sounds like something straight out of Bad Santa. The shocking delivery was revealed on Reddit by a user called CushionBum, who subsequently inspired others to offer potential solutions... none of which were successful.

This man has been described as the worst delivery driver ever: 

The post was captioned: "CouriersPlease threw a package on the roof of my 2 story townhouse 2 weeks ago and left this as the note. Still waiting on them to come get it down..."

It was accompanied by two pictures: one of the offending package on the roof and another of the courier's, um, explanation - although it's a stretch to call it that.

The delivery company left the following message about the questionably placed parcel: "Sorry, your parcel is on top of the roof."

A note from a delivery company. Credit: CushionBum / Reddit

One user wrote: "Just order another package and when they toss that one up on the roof it might knock this one down."

A second added: "Just chuck your cat up there. They like to push things off surfaces so this should be right up her alley."

Meanwhile, when asked why the recipient doesn't simply climb onto the roof to receive the package, they replied: "Broom doesn't reach and when we tried to hop on roof it made a horrible dinting sound so we f***ed that idea off real quick."

A package on a roof. Credit: CushionBum / Reddit

This ultimately begs the question: how was the package delivered to the roof in the first place? Well, realistically, there are two options, either the driver attempted to throw it from their van and gloriously missed, or they wanted to cause maximum inconvenience this holiday season.

We can only hope that whatever was inside wasn't fragile!