Man marries his two girlfriends at once 'so nobody gets hurt'

Man marries his two girlfriends at once 'so nobody gets hurt'

A man has married both of his girlfriends at once in a bid not to hurt either woman.

The incident took place on August 17 in Indonesia. A video of the ceremony was subsequently posted to Facebook where it went viral. In the video, the groom struggles to remember his marriage rites but gets there in the end, much to the relief of guests in the room.

To see the ceremony for yourself, check out the video below:

According to Vice, the man did not think it was odd to marry two women at once and told local media: "My heart couldn't stand to see them hurt. So I decided to marry them both."

Polygamy is legal in Indonesia and is practiced by people of multiple faiths including Muslims, Balinese, and the Papuans.

The Quran dictates that providing he can support each wife, a Muslim man can have up to four spouses. However, under Indonesian law, a man can only marry more than one woman if he has the permission of his first wife.

A polygamous wedding. Credit: Facebook / Ani Purwani

But while polygamy is legal in Indonesia, it's became been subject to greater controversy since the Millenium.

A pro-polygamy activist, Puspo Wardoyo, for example, held the ''Polygamy Awards'' ceremony in 2003, however, it was thrown into disorder by protestors holding signs that read: "Monogamy Yes, Polygamy No". The event was subsequently canceled.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Zaeni, who has four wives, said:

"Of course, as a polygamy practitioner myself, I have seen many transgressions caused by some who didn't practice polygamy in the proper manner. Most of these men want to have a polygamous relationship to satisfy their carnal desires, not because of their religious faith."

The man's two wives. Credit: Facebook / Ani Purwani

Another Indonesian tradition is that of the dowry, a payment made by a man to his wife at the time of their marriage. This man's marriage to his wives took place for Rp10,000 ($0.70) shared between the two.

While this might seem like a pittance, when Hari, a religious figure, got married in 2016, his wife's dowry was a glass of water.

Well, they do say money can't buy love!