North Carolina man successfully sues cheating wife's lover for $750,000

North Carolina man successfully sues cheating wife's lover for $750,000

Breakups are never easy, but they're even more difficult when they're the result of infidelity.

While most people in these scenarios wish every kind of unpleasantry on their ex, the majority never act on them beyond the odd social media dig. One man from North Carolina, however, got the ultimate revenge, suing his cheating wife's lover to the tune of $750,000.

Court documents reveal that Kevin Howard had his wife's lover charged with the  "alienation of affections" - an offense which can only be brought about in a handful of states.

Kevin Howard. Credit: CNN

According to Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, this is one of a number of "home-wrecker" laws, which allow a spurned spouse to sue another person for "purposefully interfering with the marital relationship."

Howard knew that his marriage was on the rocks when his wife of 12 years asked him for a divorce. However, he refused and insisted that the couple attend marriage counselling instead.

A cut-up marriage certificate. Credit: Pixabay

He also hired a private investigator to see if there was more to his wife's request than she initially suggested, and that's when the affair was discovered, he revealed in an interview with CNN.

Court records show that Howard pinned the breakdown of his marriage on the man - forgetting the old saying that it takes two to tango - and blamed him for the alienation the couple experienced.

Kevin Howard in court. Credit: CNN

"He was a colleague of hers from work," Howard said. "He ate dinner with us several times, we spent time together ... I thought this was a friend."

However, Howard wasn't just interested in being financially compensated for the incident.

"I believe in the sanctity of marriage," he said. "Other families should see what the consequences are to not only breaking the vow to whatever religion you subscribe to, but also your legal responsibilities."