Scottish man in court after farting in police officer's face and saying, "How'd you like that?"

Scottish man in court after farting in police officer's face and saying, "How'd you like that?"

We’ve all known someone whose farts are so noxious that they should be illegal. However, no matter how many times they clear a room or cause involuntary gagging, the chances of any imminent arrest seems scarce. That, however, could be about to change thanks to an unintentionally hilarious Scottish court case. 

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A man has appeared at a court in Aberdeen, after being charged with deliberately farting in an officer’s face during a strip search. Prosecutors allege that 28-year-old Stuart Cook, who was originally arrested for cannabis possession, “deliberately farted in the direction of the officer three times, stating, 'how do you like that?'”

Cook, who had previously pled guilty to cannabis possession, had been detained at the scene of a car crash before being taken to the police station. There, officers allege that he yelled “expletives” and “puffed his chest out towards officers”, as well as emitting the offensive gas. 

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Cook’s solicitor, Laura Gracie, told the court that her client had been involved in a minor traffic incident when he had been arrested, and, though “he had been smoking a cannabis joint at the time...felt police overreacted in the way they dealt with him.” She then added that, "He became increasingly upset with them and acted in the manner libelled."

Despite the compelling arguments made by his lawyer, Cook eventually ended up pleading guilty to both behaving in a “threatening or abusive manner” and “intentionally flatulating” towards officers. As a result, he has been ordered to carry out 75 hours of unpaid community work. 

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time that an ill-timed fart has forced its way into the headlines. Earlier this year, a member of the Kenyan parliament let off a guff so fruity that a political debate had to be suspended. It might all sound like fun and games, but these stories prove that farts in the public eye can be no laughing matter.