A man was shocked to discover a family having a summer barbecue on a church tombstone

A man was shocked to discover a family having a summer barbecue on a church tombstone

Every year, I spend so much time between the months of September and May wishing that the weather would be... better. As autumn turns to winter and winter gives rise to spring, you probably see a whole host of wind, rain, and even snow, but all the way through, I'm just complaining, and waiting for summer.

Then, this year, summer came like it's supposed to: blue skies, barbecues abound, and most importantly, no rain. Three weeks in a row is pretty much unprecedented, but here we are, as the World Cup came and went in spectacular fashion, in the best summer in a very long time.

And I absolutely hate it.

I didn't realise it at the time, but those rainy Julys and mild Augusts were my natural habitat; I'm clearly not built for hot climates. All of my friends want to hang out in the summer sun, leaving me with little time for myself; I'm struggling to get to sleep at night, and in the day time, I'm sweating through all of my clothing like a pervert in a sauna.

But in these extremely summery conditions, how is everyone coping with the heatwave? What is there to do to keep the summer haze at bay? What atrocities will the heat force us to commit? For one family, the answer was apparently "defile a grave with barbecue meat".

Confused? That's... understandable, actually.

But allow us to walk you through it.

The venue for this bizarre BBQ is Otley, near Leeds in the north of England. Peter Howard was with his wife having just enjoyed a lovely time at the Otley food and drink festival, when the couple decided to take a scenic detour through a nearby cemetery. Posting on Facebook once he got home, Howard revealed how his walk had been way more eventful than he'd bargained for.

"Imagine the surprise to find 3 adults with about 7 children enjoying a barbeque. The cooking was being done on the raised tomb stone. My wife remonstrated with the men. The "Chef" patronisingly said 'Thank you for you input, I've taken note.' So I took a photograph!"

So not only did they come across a family cooking up a storm atop a tombstone, but the chef had the nerve to get sassy with them when they quite rightly pointed out that they probably shouldn't cook on someone's grave. Either way, things took a weirder turn when the chef realised his photo was being taken.

"Over trots the guy in blue and demands I delete the potographs I have taken of the children he is responsible for. He says it's illegal to take photos of children. I tell him no it's not, and in any case I was taking photo's of him barbequeing on a tomb in sacred ground!"

I wonder: was it somebody they knew? I don't think that would help in this situation, but it would go some way toward explaining the thought process behind trying to make a burger where somebody died. I get that barbecues are difficult to assemble, but if you literally have to mess with somebody's tombstone to get some delicious smoked meats, I think there's got to be a better way.

Now this is the kind of barbecue we should be calling the cops on. Good grief.