Anger as police officer is caught playing on trampoline during drugs raid

Anger as police officer is caught playing on trampoline during drugs raid

A UK police officer is facing an inquiry after being filmed playing on a trampoline during what was believed to be a drugs raid.

The uniformed cop was caught on camera in Coventry, England, bouncing up and down and performing tricks while other officers laughed last week.

British newspaper The Sun reports that a neighbour spotted the unexpected sight on Friday and can be heard exclaiming, "This is what you pay your taxes for. I can’t f***ing believe it" in the footage.

Should police officers really be behaving like this?

Speaking to The Sun, former Detective Chief Inspector Mike Neville said the war on drugs had been "taken over by a circus with an acrobatic officer as star act".

"The British bobby used to be respected throughout the world. A professional, authority figure with a friendly smile and ability to catch crooks," he claimed. "Officers now seem to model themselves on Kindergarten Cop rather than Dixon of Dock Green. Too often they are seen fooling around and bringing policing into disrepute."

See the on-duty policeman perform backflips on the trampoline:

The incident is being investigated by West Midlands Police in Coventry, with the force claiming: "This appears to fall short of our high standards."

Supt Jenny Skyrme, from the Force Response team, confirmed the force would review the incident, stating: "We expect our officers to have the highest standards in their conduct and behaviour and sadly, this appears to fall short of that.

"Our Professional Standards Department have been informed who will review the matter to determine if there is a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour."

The incident comes two weeks after Met Police officers in London were slammed by their own commander over their behaviour at Extinction Rebellion protests.

After a group of officers were filmed dancing to music and another was spotted skateboarding on Waterloo Bridge (as shown in the video above), Commander Jane Connors of the Metropolitan Police said she was "disappointed".

Met police at Extinction Rebellion Credit: Getty

"I'm disappointed by the video and the unacceptable behaviour of the officers in it," she stated. "'We expect our officers to engage with protestors but clearly their actions fall short of the tone of the policing operation at a time when people are frustrated at the actions of the protestors."

The commander continued to point out that it was only a select group of officers filmed, saying: "We will be reminding officers of their responsibilities and expectations in policing this operation - however, the majority of officers have been working long hours and I am grateful to them for their continued commitment."

The new footage of the policeman on the trampoline comes days after figures revealed the number of killings on Britain's streets is at its highest in a decade.

There were 732 police recorded homicides - this includes murders and manslaughter cases - in England and Wales last year, the highest since 2008 and the equivalent of two a day.

Total crimes rose 11 per cent to 253,000 in the West Midlands last year.