British female MP says she's not 'a s***' after being criticized for inappropriate outfit

British female MP says she's not 'a s***' after being criticized for inappropriate outfit

A female politician from the UK has responded after she faced criticism online over an outfit she wore in the House of Commons.

Shadow culture secretary Tracy Brabin, 58, found herself at the center of controversy online due to her wearing an off-the-shoulder dress during a debate.

Check out this clip in which Brabin can be seen wearing the controversial item of clothing:

A Twitter user then shared a screenshot of the top, which exposed her shoulder and part of her arm, and asked: "Is this really appropriate attire for parliament?’ #DressStandards."

The tweet sparked a huge debate in which the MP for Batley and Spen was bizarrely slammed for her choice of outfit.

One person wrote: "Looks like she was b****d over the wheelie bin at the back of the pub last night."

Another wrote: "I would be sending home any employee (male or female) if they turned up with an off the shoulder look (vest or otherwise). Of course it's not appropriate attire for a professional (well not the proper professional)

But Brabin had no qualms about shutting down the trolls on Twitter.

Taking to the social network, the MP, who used to play in British soap opera Coronation Street, wrote:

"Hello. Sorry I don’t have time to reply to all of you commenting on this but I can confirm I’m not.... A sl*g Hungover A t*rt About to breastfeed A sl*pper Drunk Just been b*nged over a wheelie bin. Who knew people could get so emotional over a shoulder..."

Brabin was widely praised for her response to the criticism.

"Brilliant retort Tracy. Omg if only they were as vocal about the behaviour, misogyny, racism, falling asleep and warped policies of the ruling govt as they are about revealing one shoulder. #Farcical #TheHandmaidsTale," one Twitter user wrote.