Here's why this student became the first member of the public to get a Royal wedding invite

Here's why this student became the first member of the public to get a Royal wedding invite

There's nothing like a Royal wedding to send people in Britain (and all over the world, let's be honest) into a frenzy. The date is set for May 19th this year, and it will be held at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Once the date was set, the invites were sent out, leaving a lot of people out there wondering why they weren't invited. You don't have to be royalty or part of the elite class to get an invite - but there are some rules you have to follow to get a chance to witness it for yourself.

Kensington Palace released an official statement about Harry and Meghan's decision to expand their guest list, writing that they wanted "members of the public to feel part of the celebrations too". However, to attend you need to match their specific criteria, as this 18-year-old from Northern Ireland did.

Daniella Timperley, a sixth form student at St. Louis Grammar School in Ballymena, was the first to announced that she's been invited to the Royal wedding. This comes the same week as she was named Top Youth Volunteer at the 2018 Pramerica Spirit of the Community Awards in Dublin.

Her school announced the news on their Twitter, writing:

"What a week it has been for Daniella! Not only was she named Top Youth Volunteer 2018, she has also received an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle as a result of her extensive charity work!"

When you look at her credentials, it's pretty clear why Daniella was chosen to attend Meghan & Harry's big day next month. By the age of 18, she has already volunteered in care homes and made numerous films to raise awareness of domestic violence and coercive control.

She also represented Women's Aid on BBC Children in Need's youth panel, and visited Romania to visit the children she helped raise money for, taking supplies with her and organizing activities.

They will be inviting an extra 2,640 people to the proceedings, although not all of these additional guests will be present for the service itself - with the chapel only holding approximately 800 people. The other attendees will get to watch the arrivals to the ceremony, and the carriage procession after the service

There are five groups of people who have been invited to ceremonies, with Daniella likely part of the first group:

1. 1,200 civilians chosen from the UK that are described as coming "from a broad range of backgrounds and ages, including young people who have shown strong leadership, and those who have served their communities."

2. 200 people who represent or are involved with "a range of charities and organizations which Prince Harry and Ms. Markle have a close association with."

3. 100 pupils from schools in the local area.

4. 610 "Windsor Castle community members."

5. 530 members of "the Royal Households and Crown Estate."

It's unlikely that most of us fall under these categories, but it's good to know the couple are reaching out further than their own circles to fill out the guest list.