Mom reveals landlord's 'disgusting' texts suggesting lower rent in exchange for nudes

Mom reveals landlord's 'disgusting' texts suggesting lower rent in exchange for nudes

A woman from England has revealed in a Twitter post how a man claiming to be a landlord offered to lower the price of her rent in exchange for sexually exploitative pictures.

Georgia Linehan, who hails from Canterbury in the United Kingdom, took to social media this week to upload a screenshot she took of a WhatsApp conversation she had with a prospective house renting opportunity in Whitstable in Kent, for herself and her family. She captioned her post: "That's the last time I try to find a house on Gumtree."

After being shown a number of pictures of the property she'd found listed on the site, and told that it could come with or without furnishings, Georgia politely inquired about the cost of the rent. When she was told that it was £695 per month, Georgia was then told there was a way to "reduce rent".

The presumed landlord then stated: "I own a modeling company, a few of my tenants work for me doing boob work, so basically breast pictures. For two pictures, the rent gets reduced by £200."

Outraged by the supposed landlord's behavior, Georgia exposed their upsetting comments on social media, where her post quickly racked up 34.9K likes and over 3,000 comments. Georgia also clarified that she was uncertain if the person she'd been conversing with was the true owner of the property.

In a later follow-up post, Georgia told her followers: "All jokes aside I think this is a very clear indication of how dangerous some people can be on the internet… especially to young, vulnerable women. And it also shows how hard it is for a woman to even find a place to live without being sexualized and exploited. Be safe girls."

Per local news outlet KentOnline, the property in question is a terraced house valued at approximately £375,000.