Barack Obama and Joe Biden reunited for lunch at a DC bakery and everyone freaked out

Barack Obama and Joe Biden reunited for lunch at a DC bakery and everyone freaked out

After taking some time off to vacation with his family, and go kitesurfing with Richard Branson, Barack Obama is stepping back into the spotlight. This year the former president and his wife Michelle signed a deal with Netflix to develop a series shows. The projects could include "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features." I'm hoping one of the projects a cheesy 90's multi-camera sitcom called "Between Barack and a Hard Place." (And Joe Biden can play the wacky next door neighbor.)

Last week Barack and Michelle were spotted at a Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert in Landover, Maryland. Footage of the pair busting a move went viral, cementing their status as the coolest first couple ever. (Sorry, Rutherford B. Hayes and Lucy Hayes! You were so close!) I can, you imagine any other former president at a Jay and Bey show? People miss the Obamas, so whenever they pop up in public, people freak out.

Today Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden reunited for lunch at a DC bakery. The two got along so well that before they left office, their "bromance" became a meme. The idea was simple: Post a picture of Obama and Biden, then add dialogue where Obama's the straight man, and Biden is an overeager idiot. The results were pretty hilarious, and Obama created his own version of the meme for Biden's 75th birthday. Now we have additional proof that their romance lives on!

Obama and Biden had lunch at the Dog Tag Cafe in the Georgetown neighborhood of D.C. Dog Tag Bakery is owned and operated by a nonprofit organization that provides self-disabled veterans gain business employment and a productive civilian life. Through Georgetown University, Dog Town offers a five month fellowship that includes includes business class and hands-on experience at the bakery.

People were thrilled to see Obama and Biden reunite, and whipped out their phones for a selfie (while being watched by a bunch of hidden Secret Service Agents). Reddit user jcepiano snapped a photo of them in the background, and captioned it, "When two guys ruin your selfie at a Washington D.C. bakery..." Twitter user Sara Kenigsberg posted of them deciding what to order, which is just as exciting as it sounds. (They reportedly both got ham sandwiches and Obama also ordered the fennel salad!) And one Instagram user shared a video of them greeting people outside.

On Twitter, Dog Tag Bakery thanked the BFF's for stopping by and supporting their cause. It is not known what they discussed during lunch. Knowing Obama, it could have been universal health care, immigration reform or nuclear proliferation. But knowing Biden, it could have been, "What's cuter - puppies, kittens or kittens dressed as puppies?" I am hoping they met so Barack could Joe to in the cast of "Barack and a Hard Place," a sitcom I just made up, but really want to be thing.