California 'bikini barista' coffee shop has license revoked after outfits deemed 'too revealing'

California 'bikini barista' coffee shop has license revoked after outfits deemed 'too revealing'

A California coffee shop with 'bikini baristas' has had its license revoked, after the city council ruled that its employees' outfits were too revealing.

City council members in American Canyon have voted to strip Bottoms Up Espresso of its license, after deeming that the coffee shop - which employs women in skimpy outfits to serve coffee to customers - was operating less like a café than adult business.

The coffee shop, which has several locations in the California region, opened its American Canyon branch back in December, SFGate reports, but community director Brent Cooper told the Vallejo Times-Herald back in January that he spoke to the owner after receiving several complaints following the store's opening.

"I met with one of the owners on Jan. 4, 2019 who informed me that he intends to require the employees at the American Canyon store to wear costumes that are as revealing as the costumes worn on staff at other Bottoms Up Espresso stores.

The business owner provided a 'dress code.' The costumes in the 'dress code' are revealing to a degree that the business meets the definition of an adult business per the city’s Municipal Code."

SFGate say that the municipal code requires workers to cover specific parts of their body, including their buttocks, pubic area, and breasts below the areola. If in violation of that code, establishments are risk of being classified as an adult business, and that appears to have affected Bottoms Up.

The coffee shop's owner, Nate Wilson, does not agree with the ruling, saying that the "city has gone beyond the law" in revoking his store's license, but announced in a statement that he intends to move on from that particular city.

"We have decided to move on from that location due to the fact the city will waste a bunch of taxpayers' money to fight us in court, where if we wanted to make a point would win. We do not fall into 'adult entertainment' as they suggest. The license was revoked before we even opened or went to any appeals. The city is acting beyond their powers and shows you how even small government abuses their powers."

The Bottoms Up Instagram account also expressed its regret at being forced out of American Canyon, but paid tribute to their employees for providing visitors to the coffee shop an "outstanding customer experience".

"Not only are we saddened by the inability to share our premium, locally and custom roasted coffee, but our overall customer experience. We pride ourselves in employing women establishing themselves while going to school, taking care of their families, or simply a fun second source of income.

We want to thank all of the women who come to work for us daily providing great customer service, fun and outgoing personalities, delicious drinks and an outstanding customer experience. Without you all, none of this could be possible."

Bikini barista coffee shops are a common source of controversy in California; last month, Pink Pantherz Espresso were the target of heavy criticism for their employees' revealing outfits.