Dashcam footage shows criminal attempt to flee in stolen car before crashing into house

Dashcam footage shows criminal attempt to flee in stolen car before crashing into house

On cop shows and TV dramas, the daily activities of police officers are always shown to be fast-paced and action-packed - but that's rarely the case in real life. This is not necessarily because nothing dramatic ever happens, though. No, it's probably got something more to do with the fact that a lot of criminals are downright stupid.

Yesterday, in Lufkin, Texas, one bumbling criminal tried to get away with stealing a vehicle while being pursued by police officers. Unfortunately for him, his driving skills weren't quite up to par, and he ended up crashing into the side of a house only a matter of seconds after evading the cops.

According to a post on Lufkin police's Facebook page, the perpetrator was 30-year-old Brandon Light, and was known to the owners of the stolen vehicle.

"A woman said she was leaving the motel in the vehicle around midnight when Light, whom she knows, removed the keys from the ignition. She said she then got out of the vehicle and began walking away with her purse when Light confronted her, yanked the purse from her shoulder and took the vehicle.

"As officers arrived on scene, the vehicle - a white Chevy Equinox - pulled back into the parking lot. Officers approached the vehicle and told Light to stop, but he took off, headed north on Timberland Drive.

"The chase ended a short time later when Light crashed into a house and vehicle at the corner of Clark Avenue and Bowles Street."

You can see footage of the pursuit here:

According to the police department, "The woman told officers she did not want to press charges against Light for taking her purse. Her husband, who was asleep at the time of the incident, said he did want to file charges against Light for stealing the vehicle and the damage he caused in the crash."