Dramatic footage shows K-9 track down Florida man who tried to kidnap a baby

Dramatic footage shows K-9 track down Florida man who tried to kidnap a baby

On Monday, Pasco County deputies responded to a call at a home in New Port Richey, Florida. A man, later identified as 24-year-old Kevin Wilson, was accused of attempting to kidnap a six-month-old baby. According to the sheriff's office, he climbed up to the second-story window of the residence, and tried to gain access inside.

A woman living at the residence then invited the suspect inside. The sheriff's office notes that the woman had a court order stating Wilson should not contact her nor come to her home. After getting into an argument, the suspect reportedly grabbed the baby and ran down the stairs. According to the probable cause affidavit, he said, "You'll never see her again," while squeezing the baby tightly.

The woman's uncle grabbed a firearm, followed the man outside, and confronted him at gunpoint. The woman pleaded for the suspect to let the baby go, and eventually he acquiesced. The man then got into his vehicle and fled the scene.

Law enforcement saturated the area, and several nearby schools were put into a "controlled campus" lockdown." With the help of aviation units and K-9 units, deputies discovered the man ditched his car, and fled into the woods on foot. Sg. Ferguson and his partner, the K-9, Titan, then tracked him down. The dramatic chase was captured on video, and uploaded to the Pasco County Facebook page. (Warning: Some viewers may find this footage distressing.)

In the incredible police body camera footage, we see the deputy and K-9 follow the suspect's trail. "After tracking through the woods, Sgt. Ferguson and K-9 Titan came upon the individual running through the woods at which point K-9 Titan was deployed and apprehended the individual who was arrested," said the sheriff's office.

After discovering the suspect hiding in the brush, Titan latches onto his arm. "Good boy Titan, you hold him, good boy!'' says the officer, encouraging his partner. Then he orders the suspect to roll onto his stomach, so he can be handcuffed. At first, the man refuses to budge. He remains on his back, screaming in pain. "Roll over or we're not taking the dog off!" repeats the officer. Finally, the suspect complies, and is released from Titan's powerful jaws. "Good boy!' says the deputy. The man is then handcuffed and taken into custody.

Wilson is now facing several charges, including child neglect, interference with custody, and violation of pretrial release. Deputies said the baby girl suffered minor scratches during the harrowing incident, but is otherwise okay. According to the police report, Wilson's no-contact order was put into place because of a domestic battery arrest that occurred last July.

The stunning video has gotten hundreds of views, comments and shares on social media. Some Facebook users argued over whether the dog should have been released earlier or later. But at least the suspect was apprehended safely and justice was served.