Ex-manager claims O.J. Simpson is guilty and 'didn't act alone' in killings

Ex-manager claims O.J. Simpson is guilty and 'didn't act alone' in killings

O.J. Simpsons 1994 murder trial was one of the biggest broadcasted events in modern American history. On the one hand, it was a simple case of a man accused of murdering his ex-wife and another man alongside her, but because this was one of America's most beloved icons, and just two years after the brutal police beating of Rodney King in LA - it became far more newsworthy.

There was a staggering amount of evidence and motive for Simpson to have taken the life of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ronald Goldman - but due to the specific circumstances of the trial, he was eventually ruled innocent of all charges. Errors on the prosecution's part and the fact that the key witness had a history of racism and forging evidence were enough to leave O.J. free.

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The story didn't end there, either. In the following years, Simpson faced a huge backlash from those who believed he had committed murder, there was a civil trial two years later in which he was fined for millions of dollars, and then he ended up being arrested in 2007 for a separate offence.

However, strangest of all is the fact that O.J. wrote a book titled 'If I Did It,' in which he discussed what he would have done if he had committed the crime, in a move that was meant as a defence but sounded much like a confession. 2016's Oscar-winning documentary 'O.J.: Made In America' covered all these events in great detail, but now (and with O.J. a free man once more) there are still revelations being made.

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Simpson's former manager, Norman Pardo, worked with O.J. for nearly twenty years following his acquittal but describes himself as a friend of the footballer-cum-actor. Pardo is now said to be making a documentary about the murders, in which he claims that Simpson "didn't act alone".

The film has been in development for four years, and will supposedly be pitched next week to streaming services and cable networks to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the murders. Pardo, who claims to have access to more than 70 hours of video of Simpson unseen by the public, said:

“For the first time, the most thorough investigation into the murder ever conducted will be shared with America.

"We have assembled a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers, and they believe they can not only prove Simpson was involved in their deaths — but for the first time reveal he had at least one accomplice.”

He isn't the first former-colleague of Simpson to provide some insight into the case. In 2008, former agent Mike Gilbert released the book 'How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder,' which explains how Simpson confessed to him weeks after the trial.

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According to Gilbert, Simpson, after smoking marijuana, taking a sleeping pill and drinking beer, confided what really happened that fateful night.  "If she hadn't opened that door with a knife in her hand... she'd still be alive," O.J. supposedly told Gilbert.

Whether this new breakthrough reveals any concrete details on the case is yet to be seen, and if it is set to be released on the 25th anniversary of the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, we'll have to wait until June 2019 to find out.