Footage shows off-duty FBI agent dancing in a bar and accidentally setting off gun while doing a backflip

Footage shows off-duty FBI agent dancing in a bar and accidentally setting off gun while doing a backflip

If there were ever to be an official award for the weirdest sounding news headlines, this one would probably be a top contender. But as absurd as it sounds, it really did happen, and there's a video to prove it. Yep, an FBI agent who was off-duty and enjoying his free time by getting wild in a bar and doing backflips while dancing in the centre of a circle of people accidentally fired his gun, sending another patron to hospital.

The incident happened early on Saturday morning in Denver, Colorado, and the FBI agent's name has not been released (probably because it's been a very embarrassing incident for the individual, and the FBI themselves). It all took place at the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar, a trendy cocktail bar where apparently, a dance floor develops for individuals to show off their special moves.

The unnamed FBI agent was off duty, and we can assume that he probably enjoyed a cocktail or two at the downtown club before he decided to take centre-stage and show the crowd of onlookers the extent of his personal dance repertoire. He was said to have been throwing shapes around 12:45 am, when one impressive backflip he did caused his gun to fall out of its holster onto the floor.

A video shows the agent scrambling to pick it up, only for him to accidentally touch the trigger and fire it at a low angle towards the crowd of club-goers. Police confirmed that the accidentally discharged firearm wounded another patron, who was taken to hospital with an injury to the leg. Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the victim was an adult male, and that he was in good condition.

The incident was filmed by one witness on their phone, who was undoubtedly just recording the off-duty officer's enthusiastic dance moves before the firearm went off. It was shared on Twitter by a local news reporter, who confirmed that the victim will "be ok". "This @FBI agent was dancing at a Denver bar on Saturday night. Did a back flip, gun falls. He picks it up and a round is fired, hitting a man (he’ll be ok.)," he wrote in the caption.

You can see the crowd scream as it goes off with a flash, though there didn't appear to be much panic afterwards. The officer can be seen walking away from the scene with his hands raised in embarrassment, indicating it was an accident.

Some people found humour in the situation, taking to Twitter to joke about the email the agent will be receiving from his boss about the incident.

Others, however, thought it was irresponsible of the officer to take a gun with him when he was off-duty and out drinking.

The special agent was reportedly interviewed by police investigators at the scene, before being released to an FBI supervisor. A full police investigation of the incident is continuing, and the FBI agent may be facing charges. The outcome will be determined by the Denver District Attorney’s Office.