JetBlue employee is slammed for 'racist' homeless person Halloween costume

JetBlue employee is slammed for 'racist' homeless person Halloween costume

An employee working for the airline company JetBlue has come under fire on social media after an image emerged on Twitter of them wearing an ''offensive'' Halloween costume

A Twitter-used with the handle @nats248 posted an image of the employee on the social media platform on October 31. The image showed the unnamed JetBlue worker, wearing a ''homeless vagrant'' costume, which consisted of dirty white overalls, a black beanie hat, a red flannel shirt, and a cardboard sign.

The sign, which has been criticized as racist by some detractors, read: "Homeless. Need help trying to get back home to Puerto Rico or Cuba."

The Spanish-speaking Twitter-user captioned the post: "This was the costume of a Jetblue employee at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I want to read your opinions."

A number of other Hispanic people appeared to agree that the costume was prejudiced. For instance, @dominopr777 commented: "@JetBlue needs to fire her a** and issue a public apology for her costume because I find it highly offensive and … I personally won’t be flying JetBlue until they issue an apology… [sic]"

This isn't the first time an airport worker has caught flak online, check out this video of a guard handing a passenger a cruel note: 

Commenting on the situation in a statement delivered to NBC News, JetBlue's manager of corporate communications Derek Dombrowski claimed that the matter was being treated seriously by the corporation.

The spokesman claimed: "In the spirit of Halloween, our crew members are welcome to celebrate in costume, but one crewmember chose a costume that was clearly insensitive and not in line with our costume policy."

Take a look at some of the other reactions to the employee's costume on Twitter:

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