Jimmy Kimmel talks to Diddy about living with the Amish as a child

Jimmy Kimmel talks to Diddy about living with the Amish as a child

When the name P Diddy is brought up, most of us immediately think of a millionaire, Grammy Award-winning, rap mogul who owns a record label, television network, fashion label and alcohol business. One thing we certainly don't associate him with is the Amish community.

But, funnily enough, the 48-year-old star recently revealed that one of the "greatest" times of his life was when he lived in an Amish society in Lanchester, Pennslyvania.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the rapper shocked fans when he disclosed that, when he was younger, he had spent two months living with the traditionalist Christian church fellowship, which is renowned for its simple living, including shunning modern technology and plain dressing.

The conversation started out with the US chat show host asking Diddy if his six children went to summer camp. The I'll Be Missing You singer replied by stating one of his daughters had gone to summer camp recently, but didn't like it because of the accommodation.

Afterwards, Combs revealed that he had attended a camp for underprivileged children which had taken him on a trip to stay with an Amish family, quipping that while his daughter didn't have a bed, he didn't have "lights, electricity or a car".

"It's a chance to really kind of get away and just - no electronics," he explained further. "It really teaches you how to just relate with each other... It's one of the things that helped to make me who I am."

He continued to discuss how he spent his time with the Amish, stating that it was "a lot of chores".  "I had to milk cows, I'd pick berries. It was a lot of chores," the Can't Nobody Hold Me Down star said. "They wake up and they do their chores. I remember we used to go to church and at the church, they used to just have these lavish meals. And it really kind of taught you family. I rode around in a horse and buggy everywhere".

"And now you've got a Bentley," joked Kimmel in reply.

Sadly for Diddy - also known as Sean Combs, Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy and Brother Love - he couldn't keep in touch with the family which had changed his life, given the fact that the Amish don't use modern technology.

This, of course, means that the mystery family in all likelihood, have no knowledge of who the singer grew up to be. "I had no way to stay in touch with them," he said, adding: "I think about them all the time. And I'm just like, man, I wonder if they know, you know, what I grew up to be. But I don't think they did."

The 48-year-old also claimed he would still like to make contact with them, telling Kimmel: "It would be great."

According to Forbes magazine, the star is the second wealthiest artist in hip-hop, with his worth estimated to be $825 million - we're guessing the Amish family Diddy stayed with all of those years ago would be pretty shocked to hear that!