Man rushes pregnant girlfriend going in to labor to hospital, only to discover she made it all up

Man rushes pregnant girlfriend going in to labor to hospital, only to discover she made it all up

I think we're probably all guilty of having told a little white lie once or twice when first meeting someone, especially when it's someone we're attracted to. Maybe it's about how impressive your job sounds, how well your garage band is doing, or that you used to go to school with some amazing celebrity, when it was really just their cousin's babysitter.

But for this guy, he found out in the most unfortunate way that his girlfriend had been telling him not just a little white lie, but a huge and elaborate backstory to her life that was completely and utterly false.

Back in 2014, 35-year-old Paul Servat thought he'd met the love of his life. He met Barbara Bienvenue, 37, online and the pair seemed to be hitting it off offensively well. Only two months into their relationship, Barbara dropped the news that she was pregnant. It was a shock to Paul, but the supportive and loving boyfriend he was, he decided to help Barbara along with the surprise news.

Only, things got more and more intense as the weeks went by. Barbara suddenly announced that she was not having one baby, but twins. After that, she declared that it was triplets, then quadruplets, before landing on the final diagnosis that it was quintuplets.

Having to come to terms that he would soon be a father-figure to five tiny new humans, Paul was presumably overwhelmed but continued to support his girlfriend. However, neither of them were financially prepared to feed, clean, dress and house five babies in the coming months, so they turned to the support of their family, friends and the internet.

Through a Facebook page, Paul and Barbara asked their local community and their network of friends for donations. Soon enough, they were given a generous amount of furniture, diapers and clothing for their pending quintuplets.

However, people who knew the couple began to grow suspicious, especially after noticing that Barbara's protruding belly didn't seem large enough to be hosting a grand total of five babies.

"I gave her tips on how to handle it, where to get financial support, where to get sponsors for diapers," Genevieve Laflamme told CTV at the time. She is a mother of triplets and could see several flaws in Barbara's descriptions of her pregnancy experience.

But while others began questioning the truth behind Barbara's story, Paul stayed true. Then finally in the ninth month of "pregnancy", Paul claims Barbara appeared to have gone into labour, after which he quickly rushed her to hospital. It was there that he received the devastating news.

"[The doctors] told me she was not pregnant," Paul told The Toronto Sun, heartbroken. "The doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy.”

"She let me choose the names," he reportedly said between sobs. "I lost everything, it was my whole life."

Though it was a complete shock to Paul, who had already imagined how the rest of his life would pan out with his girlfriend and their five kids, Barbara's family was not surprised by her fake pregnancy. Apparently, Barbara had faked several illnesses in the past, including leukaemia.

“She cut ties with us in recent months,” one relative said. “She didn’t want us to know about her game.”

The woman is reportedly now getting psychiatric care, and Paul returned all the items that had been donated.