Rapper Bun B shoots masked intruder at his southwest Houston home

Rapper Bun B shoots masked intruder at his southwest Houston home

On Tuesday, rapper Bernard Freeman, best known by his stage name Bun B, shot a masked intruder at his Houston, Texas home.

Police say the suspect rang the doorbell at around 5:45pm. Bun B's wife, Mrs. Freeman. answered the door, assuming the visitor was a delivery person. The suspect, identified as DeMonte Jackson, was armed with a gun, wore a mask over his face, and demanded valuables. Mrs. Freeman offered him the Audi in the garage.

While she led the intruder to the car, Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs in the house. Police said the 46-year-old rap star grabbed his gun, ran downstairs, and confronted the intruder in the garage.  ABC13 reports that Bun B fired several shots, and the intruder fled the scene on foot.

Hours later, Jackson arrived at the hospital, seeking treatment for a guns wound. The police arrested him and he faces three felony charges.

In 1987, Bun B and Pimp C formed the acclaimed southern rap duo Underground Kingz, aka UGK. They released six studio albums, including 1996's soulful Ridin' Dirty, which sold more than 850,000 copies and was widely hailed as a classic. The influential duo is best known for their smash single International Players Anthem (I Choose You), featuring Outkast. They also made memorable appearances on Jay-Z's Big Pimpin and Three 6 Mafia's Sippin On Some Syrup.

On December 4, 2007, Chad Lamont Butler, aka Pimp C, was tragically found dead in his hotel room. He was 33 years old. The coroner's report stated his death was an accidental overdose due to a fatal combination of sleep apnea and cough syrup. (Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where breathing repeatedly starts and stops. Promethazine/codeine, is a cough syrup combination, frequently referred to in rap lyrics as "purple drank" or "syrup.")

After Pimp C's death, Bun B pursued his solo career, releasing five studio albums. In hip-hop, he's regarded as an avuncular figure, beloved by the "old heads" and younger generations. Over his storied 30-year-old career, Bun B has collaborated with an incredible number rap stars, including Drake, Big K.R.I.T., A$AP Rocky, Method Man & Redman, Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, Talib Kweli, Ludacris, Killer Mike, T.I., Outkast, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z - just to name a few.

Bun B is also known for inventing - or at least, popularizing - the term "trill," a combination of "true" and "real." Considering the tough talk in some of his rhymes, he definitely kept it 'trill' when a masked intruder came to his home and threatened his wife.