This is the incredible moment a girl finds out Beyoncé and Jay-Z are giving her a $100k college scholarship

This is the incredible moment a girl finds out Beyoncé and Jay-Z are giving her a $100k college scholarship

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are super rich - I mean, who else rents the Louvre to shoot a music video? However, the power couple isn't just hoarding their cash to buy Picasso paintings and make clones of themselves so they can harvest their organs and live forever. They're giving back. In each of the 11 cities on their On The Run 2 tour, they're giving a $100,000 scholarship to an exceptional student with financial needs.

At Bey-Z's Phoenix, Arizona concert, DJ Khaled was on stage to announce the winning student's name. He called the moment the "best part of the night." "On The Run II tour will acknowledge an extraordinary individual making a difference in this world," read the motivational DJ. "Tonight a student will receive a $100,000 On The Run II scholarship presented by the queen herself, Beyonce, and also the king, Jay Z."

He explained that the scholarship will go to a member of Boys and Girls Club, a national organization that offers after-school programs to help young people reach their full potential as citizens. Nineteen teenagers from the Phoenix chapter was invited to the concert, but nobody knew who would win. DJ Khaled announced the lucky student was "a true role model with a 3.7 GPA, a future marine biologist... Mikayla Lowry!"

"I'm so grateful, this is crazy!" said Mikayla in the video. "I didn't even expect this - I'm shaking! Thank you so much!" According to the BGC website, Mikayla is a senior at Trevor Browne High School with excellent, and is dual-enrolled at Estrella Mountain Community College. She is first in her family to attend college and it would have been incredibly difficult for her to afford tuition without this scholarship. She plans to pursue a degree in Marine Biology or Forensics at Grand Canyon University or Northern Arizona University. 

Mikayla has been a member of the Boys and Girls Club for over a decade, ever since she was six years old. She was the Torch Club President, the Keystone Vice President, the 2018 of the Year for the Stewart Branch, so volunteered many hours serving in soup kitchens and shelters. So, yeah, she earned it! And after the show, she got to meet Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Previously Bey and Jay performed in Houston, Texas and surprised teenager Alezae Uresti. The Ball High school senior comes from a single parent home, and is one of four siblings. She told ABC that she always wanted to go to college, and that the Boys and Girls Club is like her second home. 

After the concert, Alezae got to meet Hov and Queen B, which was quite the experience. "I didn't know what to say," said the teen. "[Beyoncé] gave me a huge hug and Jay-Z was just like chilling, you know. So I gave her a hug and then after that, me and Beyonce took a picture and I told Jay-Z, 'Come on, come on, get in the picture', so we all took a picture."

Across the 11 cities, Beyoncé and Jay-Z will be awarding $1.1 million in scholarships. Congratulations, teens! Now you have 99 problems but tuition isn't one.