Bikini model facing deportation after waking up in somebody else's bed

Bikini model facing deportation after waking up in somebody else's bed

Everyone's familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? Young girl stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned house, samples some of the food, tests out a few items of furniture, and finally takes a nap after trying out all of the beds... before being promptly chased away by the resident bears.

Now, if you ever found that story a bit far-fetched as a kid, you wouldn't be alone. I personally always found myself asking: but why would a stranger enter someone's home just to take a nap? It never made sense to me.

Sometimes, though, it seems like reality is stranger than fiction, as a recent incident in Australia has seen a woman face deportation after she apparently decided to break into a woman's house and sleep in her son's bed.

Patrice Ruby Poutu, a 31-year-old bikini model from Southport, New Zealand, is currently in jail after trespassing onto a stranger's property back in July of this year. The homeowner of the property, an unnamed woman, called police and told them "she did not know" Poutu and "did not know why she was asleep at [her] house".

When police turned up, in fact, the model was still asleep, and the cops were forced to wake her up. They then asked for her name and for an explanation as to why she was sleeping in the home of someone she'd never met, at which point Poutu did something strange: she lied. She told the police that her name was Lucy Fenwick - something that was very quickly disproven when the police searched her bag and found her ID.

At this point, it was discovered that Poutu had a criminal history, and that she had failed to comply with her bail conditions set for a previous crime.

Last year, she spent 66 days in prison from December until March on charges of assaulting a public officer, fraud, and drug-related offences. She was supposed to report to Southport Magistrates Court following this as a condition of her bail, but evidently failed.

What's more, her current charges cover far more than just trespassing. She's also been charged with stealing a car from a house in April of this year and failing to pay a $70 cab fare in June.

Poutu - who is a mother of three - clashed with the judge while he was determining her charges for her most recent offences. Justice Martin Burns reportedly told the model that she was not a good candidate for bail, to which she responded: "How can I change it so that I am a good candidate?"

Burns was clearly frustrated with Poutu by this point, however, and simply responded: "You can't, sit down."

The Australian Border Force have since told police that Poutu may be deported if she is found guilty of car-theft, as she is an immigrant to the country and already has a "lengthy" rap sheet.

She is due back in court next week, at which point she will find out if her snooze in a stranger's bed has cost her her livelihood in New Zealand or not.