Bride's 'tacky' wedding beach bodysuit has divided the internet

Bride's 'tacky' wedding beach bodysuit has divided the internet

A bride-to-be has been viciously slammed by social media users for the minimal wedding attire she plans to wear during her upcoming nuptials.

The critical comments came pouring in when the woman - who has not been identified but is believed to be from the US - decided to share a video of herself modeling a strapless bodysuit at her final fitting on Facebook.

The bodysuit also comes with a detachable sparkly tulle skirt which she said she'd wear down the aisle. Clearly thrilled by the design, she was keen to know what others thought.

wedding bodysuit Credit: Facebook

While she had hoped to get feedback on the bodysuit - which she planned to wear at her beach wedding - she certainly wasn't expecting anywhere near the amount of hate she ultimately received.

But that's exactly what happened after an individual who came across the clip decided to share it in the wedding-shaming group, 'That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming'.

wedding bodysuit Credit: Facebook

Branding the unconventional design 'tacky', one Facebook user wrote: "You better get some clothes on before your [mother-in-law] and her family have an en masse hissy fit."

"What is with the thing around the hips? It's a no from me," wrote another.

"If you look at her hips, the overlay is stiff and sticks out to support the tulle skirt and makes it stand out a bit further and not cling to her legs," a third added.

wedding bodysuit Credit: Facebook

Fortunately, not everyone had negative things to say about the bride-to-be's attire.

"Honestly, the piece itself is gorgeous," one wrote. "She seems thrilled and it fits her beautifully!"

"I wanted to hate this," another added. "I really did. But it's kind of amazing."

"She looks so good and I love that it's one of a kind," a third chimed in.