CCTV footage shows man hand over baby to petrol station worker after 'finding it in car he'd stolen'

CCTV footage shows man hand over baby to petrol station worker after 'finding it in car he'd stolen'

You know, CCTV footage often turns up some pretty weird scenes. When people aren't totally aware that they're being filmed, they can act in ways that you'd never expect otherwise, and cameras can sometimes even pick up dramatic incidents which are so over-the-top that you can have a really hard time believing that they're not staged.

If you want proof of this, then look no further than the following video, which has gone viral on social media this week, and which shows a contrite carjacker at a gas station, who returned suddenly to the scene of the crime after making a HUGE mistake. The reason? He neglected to notice that something important was in the back seat of the car; something which was actually more valuable than the car itself.

The CCTV footage stems from the camera of a Sunoco gas station located in Palm Beach, Florida. The clip shows a grand theft auto suspect, an African-American man wearing a tank top, screeching to a halt at the gas station and jumping out of a stolen black Kia Rio - which had been hijacked at approximately 4am that night.

The perp then emerges from the automobile holding a tiny baby in a car seat, whom the owners had obviously left in the car unattended while they'd bought gas. He handed the unfortunate infant to a gas station clerk, ( allegedly shouting "Take the baby! Take the baby!) and then fled the scene. The Sunoco employee quickly dialled 911, and deputies notified the mother, who arrived about 30 minutes later,

Michelle Ashby, who witnessed the astonishing early-morning drama, told reporters: "It all happened so fast ... [The clerk] said the suspect appeared to be scared and in a hurry when he knocked on the door ... It hurt my heart because being a mom of four, I knew he was hungry."

A baby sitting in a car seat. Credit: Getty

And what about the man himself, who had a big enough heart to return the little child even though it risked him being apprehended? Well apparently the guilty suspect fled from the Sunoco gas station in the Kia, but the local sheriff's department managed to track the car to Sansbury’s Way and Okeechobee, three miles east of Palm Beach International Airport. The man was nowhere to be seen, so it's been assumed that he left the car by the roadside when he was worried that it would be too incriminating.

Palm Beach law enforcement has not been forthcoming about whether any arrests have been made regarding the theft, but since the CCTV footage was so good, it's likely that it won't be long before someone is identified and charged. Hey, maybe the judge will go easy on him since he was good enough to give the baby back. However, this isn't the first crazy story to come from the sunshine state recently. Check out this article we penned all about the craziest 'Florida Man' headlines of last year.