Couple arrested at Taco Bell after throwing food at a forgetful employee

Couple arrested at Taco Bell after throwing food at a forgetful employee

Although I've never personally worked in hospitality, I only have to write about it enough times to realise how much of a raw deal it can really be. For every customer who gets needlessly shamed or attacked for frivolous reasons, you get a ton of stories about people behaving weirdly with their servers; treating them rudely, stiffing them on tips, that kind of thing.

If you're in that industry, then it's not uncommon for you to be overworked and underpaid; not to mention the sheer unpleasantness that can come with working with the public on a regular basis. That being said, I hope those of you with that on your resumé haven't had to contend with customers throwing food at you too often.

In the hustle and bustle of fast food, it's a grim inevitability that every now and again, your server will get your order slightly wrong. With so much pressure and time constraints under the heat of the deep fryer, to err in that literal boiling pot is not only understandable; if anything, it's human.

So whether you're at a Burger King, a Pizza Hut or a McDonald's, when your server wherever you are makes a mistake, it's important to kindly remind them of that fact. They'll apologise, and that really should be that. They shouldn't, for example, lose their temper, throw food at you and attempt to stake out the drive-tru. That would be weird.

That's what one poor server at a Taco Bell had to deal with, after they made the grave error of forgetting the hot sauce on a drive-thru order. Out in Aloha, Oregon, husband and wife duo Erik and Katyra Stratton pulled up at their local Taco-Bell, hoping to perhaps underline their love with some ground beef.

It's not known what the Strattons ordered, but what is known is the fact that they ordered hot sauce with their meal.

It was a request initially lost on the server that eventually gave them their meal, but what followed afterwards will ensure that the server will probably not forget hot sauce again in a hurry. When Katyra got her meal and noticed it was light on hot sauce, the 37-year-old's reaction was to throw her meal back through the drive-thru window.

Local law enforcement say the car they were in refused to move forward; instead staying where they were, blocking the lane for some time. It's at this point that Erik got out of the car and started to hurl obscenities at the staff inside the Taco Bell, "causing a disturbance", as public information officer for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Jeff Talbot explained in a statement.

The pair were then arrested, and that was the end of that. Erik Stratton was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct after being held at the Washington County Jail, while Katyra Stratton escaped with just a citation.