Man horrified after his postman leaves him an incredibly threatening note

Man horrified after his postman leaves him an incredibly threatening note

It would be fair to say that the stereotypical postman is seen as a friendly, unassuming part of the community. There he is, every morning, delivering your mail. There he is, with his absolutely massive calves, walking or cycling around the block. There he is, being threatening and telling you that he won't deliver your mail until you clean your garden.

Wait... what was that last one?

Yes, that's right, just when you thought the last pillar of strength and community left in this godforsaken world was the friendly neighbourhood postman, they have turned on us as well.

One postman out in Australia has been accused of writing threatening warning notes on letters before popping them in the letterbox. The mail-dropper has left numerous notes for one man, in which he says that he will simply refuse to deliver to the property if the owner doesn't clean up his garden.

Johnson Ong - the homeowner in question - claims that the postman ought to use the driveway but decides to go over the grass in the garden which is covered in bushes.

The letters have been delivered across the course of a month, with them beginning politely and the postman simply asking for Johnson to clear the area.

However, by the final letter, the tone had notably changed and things began to get heated. The postman announced that he would no longer be delivering letters due to the garden not being cleared.

Sharing the photos on Facebook, Johnson said:

"Post man written warning messages on our letters. demand us to make way for him to ride across the nature strips .. for his convenience way to deliver letters.

"Our garden is looking the same for the past 12 years as u see in the pic. We just received those warning message within past 1 month… some of us did mention about safety to postman. definitely this is very important.

"Riding over nature strips in wet weather is not safe… as it could be slippery.. mud can get into his wheels … spreading to all neighbours drive way..

"Encouraging all riders or drivers to use drive way is the safest for themselves and others."

Johnson complained to the post company, but to his surprise, they responded and defended their staff.

In a message to Johnson, Australia post said:

"Looking at the photo of your mailbox, the area around it is not clear.

"I apologise if you think the driver is threatening you however they are entitled to ride across nature strips.

"This is to ensure safe, accurate and fast deliveries. Our recommendation for letterbox size and location can be found here.

"We have still asked the delivery centre for clarification so when we get a response we will be in touch, however I would recommend cleaning the front area and removing the shrubs that are obstructing the mailbox."

So it turns out that the postman was in the right. Although looking at the garden, he could literally just use that large path that leads up to the letterbox, no?