Mom ordered a cake for her daughter's birthday but had no idea how dirty it really was

Mom ordered a cake for her daughter's birthday but had no idea how dirty it really was

Although I'm not a baker in any way, shape of form, I can feel the pain of anyone who voluntarily decides to bake cakes for a living. Cooking is hard enough on its own, but baking - especially dessert baking - incorporate art into cooking, and for me, that's just an exercise in frustration and failure.

If I were a professional cake maker, I'd be out of business in a matter of weeks because I'd fail to make half of my orders, and the ones that I would complete would be "very clearly wept into". So I can understand why some bakers set out to create an innocent-looking and artistic cake, accidentally make something dirty, and just say: "screw it."

I mean, how else could you come up with a cake like this one, and not immediately trash it, never letting it see the light of day? One mother wanted something special for her daughter's first birthday cake, and in a way, she did get that. But probably not in the way that she wanted.

Posting on a Facebook parenting group with the caption "please be kind", this mother explained: "I had this monkey made for my daughter's cake for her first birthday. It looks like her monkey except people keep telling me how rude he looks in various ways."

Aw, how cute! But how can this possibly go wrong? Let me describe this cake to you and see what you think. We've got a blue monkey, sitting atop of a pink (some might say 'flesh-coloured') base, holding a number 'one' that stands straight up that - I guess - is a little oddly-shaped. Yeah? Got that image in your mind? Does it look anything like this?

"I’ve been told he looks like a stoned monkey with his willy out!" says this concerned mother, and I kind of see where all of her friends are coming from, to be perfectly honest. She asks the Facebook group:

"I can deal with friends and family over Facebook being rude but not with family when I present the cake!Tonight is dinner and I have to get dinner sorted today too with two under three running around so I'm short on time! Is there anything I can do to save it?"

Uh... let's see what the other members of this Facebook group had to say. Responses ranged from moderately helpful ("Maybe try and flatten the one out a bit so it’s not as round") to slightly less helpful ("You could make a little present to go between his legs?"), but I'm sure this mom will eventually work it out.

Maybe she could get rid of the flowers on the 'one', or maybe change the monkey's expression to make it less... unsettling? Either way, whatever happens, she really shouldn't worry too much. Her daughter probably won't remember it anyway. Probably.