'Penis nails' are the latest beauty trend

'Penis nails' are the latest beauty trend

It's true that we've seen plenty of unusual and wonderful beauty trends over the last few years. Maybe they're not to everyone's taste, but these fashions inevitably come and go, and some are more popular than others.

Recently, other Instagram users have started decorating their nails with tiny hands and feet: 

We've had long, fake toenails, temporary nose jobs and crystal freckles. But now we might just have uncovered the strangest and oddest beauty trend ever seen on the internet: people are painting penises tiny penises on their nails.

Now it might seem an unusual predilection, to want to draw male genitalia on yourself. Indeed, that's what I thought when I first heard about this. But according to a recent article by Allure, there's actually an important reason why this new trend has taken off recently on Instagram.

Per Allure, it seems as though the penis nail trend is actually a method employed by a social worker named Heather Hampton (who goes by the handle @sissyboyslaparty on Instagram) as a way of humorously distracting her clients who are HIV positive and dealing with homelessness.

Allure reached out to Donne Geer, the mastermind artist behind the penis-themed manicures, (and admin of the Hey, Nice Nails! account on Instagram) who stated that Heather's charges are: "Able to joke around with Heather about it and make a hard situation feel a little lighter."

Donne and Heather allegedly first worked together on their penis-inspired project in 2018. But apparently, Heather has been getting pro-sex manicures since 2017, having condoms, vibrators, and butts emblazoned on her digits to amuse the people she works with.

So there you have it: although it might seem strange, there's a method and thinking behind the unusual nail desgigns, and as you can see from the posts above, it's even inspired some other people to follow suit!